You invested so much time and effort in nursing school. Don't you deserve to get the most out of your degree and license- without the anxiety and overwhelm?

Whether you are still studying or recently graduated, #NursingWithFinesse will show you how to find your confidence and ditch anxiety on the floor.

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Have you ever seen super confident nurses and wondered

How do they make it seem so effortless?

As a new nurse, it can be challenging to balance your new responsibilities, because you have no idea what to expect. Nursing school taught you how to check your patient's vitals, but didn't teach you what was vital for your own success in the field.

Are any of these things challenging for you?
  • Communicating with doctors?

  • Speaking confidently among more experienced professionals?

  • Managing the details of your patient's diagnosis and trusting your judgment?

  • Being afraid to delegate and making mistakes?

Perhaps these sound familiar?
  • You're spending the day stressed out instead of enjoying your job like others on your unit.

  • You can't complete multiple shifts in a row, because you're always in need of a mental break.

  • You're terrified of patient assignments or don't want to deal with the attending physician that covers those patients.

  • You find yourself crying after work or holding back tears on the floor because it is becoming too much.

These can all be intimidating and make you want to hide in the supply closet

It feels like everything you learned in nursing school went out the window.

You're asking a million questions and constantly thinking "What am I supposed to do next? Second-guessing yourself has become part of your daily ritual, and you're ready to take back control and earn the respect you deserve.


Imagine if your work day went a little something like this...

  • You walk into work excited and ready to conquer your tasks.

  • Your mind isn't racing with negative thoughts, but instead you're enjoying your new job and building relationships with your team.

  • You feel respected and listened to when you advocate for yourself and your patients.

  • Talking to the attending physician is a breeze, because you have built rapport and communicate like an expert. 

  • You aren't afraid to ask questions, because you have learned how to phrase them properly. 

  • You, too, can develop the poise and procedures to give yourself a successful start to your nursing career - without tripping over self-doubt or crippling over-analysis.

You're transitioning from theory into practice, so you're going to need some help.

The expectation is that you will learn things with time while on the job, but what if that time never comes? Or worse, comes too late after you've made an irrational decision and quit? You would hope that you will get the adequate training at a ranked hospital, but what about if you're not? What if the turnover rate is high and the on-boarding process is lack luster? Then what? Don't leave your success up to chance. It takes the average nurse years to master the concepts you can learn in a few weeks. Don't be stuck in an exhausting cycle of trial and error. 

The secret to loving your job is to escape "survival mode" as a novice, and learn the tools, strategies and mindsets that will take you to the next level -- faster than your peers. We will break down every piece of personal and professional development that nursing school doesn't teach you.


Nursing with Finesse 

the group coaching program to transform the novice nurse from anxious to confident in a few weeks.

Module 1

Course Introduction

  • Introduction to The Course 

  • Discuss your exact needs & Get to Know YOU. 

  • Where are you now? Where do you see yourself?

  • First "N" in N.O.V.I.C.E. - Note who you are as a Nurse

Module 2

Specialty Assessment

  • Did you pick the right specialty?

  • How do you know if you chose the right specialty?

  • Should you change your specialty?

  • Revamp your resume to prepare for a more suiting opportunity if necessary.

Module 3

The Perfect Enviornment

  • Active assessment of your environment. 

  • How to clear the energy in your space overnight.

  • Explore the connection between your environment and your success.

Module 4

Eliminate Anxiety

  • The "N"- "No" to Negative Beliefs.

  • Our In-House STRATEGY for changing your mindset.

  • Learn the Layout for creating personalized Affirmations to accomplish your nursing goals.

Module 5

Use + Become a Resource

  • The "O"- Optimize your resources.

  • Learn how to use everything around you as resource to grow as a new nurse.

  • Master how to become a resource -- even though you are very new -- so you can gain more resources!

Module 6

Finding Your Voice

  • The "V" - Finding your voice.

  • Learn how even the most introverted person can find their voice while being themost quiet person in the room.

  • Our layout for using FACTS not FEELINGS.

  • Tools for becoming a Self Advocate so you can become a Patient Advocate.

Module 7

Impactful Introductions

  • The "I"- Introduce Yourself

  • Discover the fastest and easiest way to avoid being taken advantage of as a new nurse. 

  • Nursing & Networking via Introductions

  • Learn how Networking is important to your Nursing Practice. 

Module 8

Communication is Key

  • The "C"- Communicate Effectively

  • Learn our "VVS" method to communication

  • How to get them to hear you and listen, using the right words so your team can prioritize your input

  • Uncover the strategy for quick and effective updates

  • Nursing School Revamp. SBA(I)R not SBAR. 

Module 9

 Stop running from the critique

  • The "E"- Evaluate your progress

  • Our process for dealing with ALL forms of criticism

  • How to dominate the conversation by ASKING FIRST. 

Module 10

Managing those 12 hours

  • Play by play for mastering your morning

  • How to optimize each patient encounter 

  • Clustering your cares is not just for the NICU, learn how this technique can give you more free time in your shift. 

Fast Action

Private class to discuss your career goals, current unit, and particular needs. This ROADMAP call will help us to craft a personalized curriculum plan and areas of focus. You'll get this opportunity when you pay in full.


I have many favorites but the ones that stick out the most is the phone call with Jannel. Jannel made the call very personable and interactive, it felt like I was talking to a close friend. She was concerned about needs and how to meet them during the course. Another favorite was the course segments on Clear Your Space and No to Negative Beliefs. The videos during the course were very informative, put things into perspective, and easy to follow along and take notes. I feel I was most transformative in preparing and staying organized for the shift. Also, in keeping motivated when things at work were challenging. This course is a great investment into career journey. I wish it was available prior to be starting my job so that I could reflect more on the wealth of information given.

—  -J. McCullough, Kannapolis NC

Not taking this course can cost you thousands in missed opportunities and peace of mind. Your success doesn't have a price tag.


This is where you will have access to a community of other nurses who are experiencing exactly what you are. A safe zone to vent, ask questions, and be held accountable. You will have easy and constant access to us rather than waiting and hoping for an email or DM reply


We discuss all the struggles of your week while you are implementing what you learn in the modules. We go over lessons from the course that want more clarity on, as well as give you the opportunity to vent, ask for personal advice, listen to the experiences of others, and gain more actionable steps. 


You will have access to the material for the lifetime of the course, for as long as I continue to run Nursing With Finesse. You can watch as little or as much time as you want at a time, or rewatch lessons you need to continue to work on. 

After you take the course you will be equipped with the confidence to advance in your career to become whatever you have always dreamed of! Is that the:
  • Go to nurse on your unit

  • Travel Nurse with your own schedule flexibility

  • Critical care nurse

  • Advanced Practice Nurse (CRNA, NP, CNS, Midwife)

  • Manager, Director of Nursing

  • Nurse Entrepreneur

You pay for professional organizations and your nurses' association. Isn't your development and sanity worth an investment as well? Each of those next steps require your confidence.

About Novice is The New Nurse

Novice is the New Nurse is a nurse coaching & mentoring organization founded by two traveling pediatric critical care nurses. We help new graduate nurses get out of their own way and begin flourishing in their new roles. We rid the anxiety, the lack of confidence, the poor communication and turn them into skills that help you feel empowered and excited about your new role. As experienced travel nurses, we have taken all that we have seen across the country in our travels and our research and turned it into an online program called #NursingWithFinesse. We have helped hundreds of new graduate nurses reignite their passion for their careers. We have shared this information at The Path to Power Panel at Essence Festival on July 2018. We have also been apart of The Nurse Link's Expo Tour across 5 cities. Through our programs and speaking engagements, we have reached thousands of nurses across the United States.

Nursing with Finesse is perfect for nurses who:
  • Are struggling in their new roles or anxious about their new roles (New Nurses (RN, LPN)).

  • Passed their NCLEX or are about to take the NCLEX.

  • Have been on their unit for a year or two or even weeks to months, but are still having a hard time with their roles.

  • Have considered quitting, because work has becoming too overwhelming and they can't take it anymore.

  • Student nurses who are graduating in a few weeks and can balance this program and studying for the NCLEX.